No Risk Matched Betting - Complete guide

10 min read | Written by Justin Barker | January 25. 2021

The world of online betting is massive nowadays, and is growing in popularity as more and more opportunities to bet emerge. One of the key betting strategies found at the online bookmaker is no risk matched betting, which looks to take advantage of the sign-up offers that many online bookmaker websites offer. 
When people are looking to make bets that take advantage of matched betting, they will make sure they research it in advance. Now, there are plenty of opportunities for no risk matched betting USA, and this is a market where there are many possibilities for bettors. So, consider this something of a Matched Betting for Dummies guide, that you can use to understand and assimilate how the concept works. 

So, What is No Risk Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a technique used by bettors to guarantee a (small) profit from the sign-up offers that online bookies promote. These new offers will generally be things like ‘Bet $20 with us and we’ll give you a free $20.’ This kind of thing is more common than you might realise, and it’s a great way to make money betting on football.  

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How Does Matched Betting Work?

In layman’s terms, matched betting works by making two bets, each of them against one another. There are different terminologies that can be confusing, so don’t worry too much about them yet. All you need to know is that there are two types of bets involved here, a ‘back’ bet and a ‘lay’ bet, and it’s important to know a little about each.

Back Bet

A back bet is where you are for a certain outcome to occur, for instance, you might bet on the Patriots to win. In the event that they win, you win your bet, but any other result means you lose. 

Lay Bet

A lay bet is basically the opposite of back bets; you’re basically wagering against a certain outcome. In our scenario, this would mean you are not predicting that the Patriots will lose, you’re betting on them NOT to win.

Opportunities the Strategy Presents

Basically, matched betting works by cancelling out the original risk by betting against yourself. This is a key part of a lot of US football betting strategy guides, and a great way to make money betting on football. One of the most attractive things about this process is that it’s a football betting system that works. No matter the outcome you are guaranteed a profit, provided you do things to the letter. 

No Risk Matched Betting in the USA

So, the way this works is that you sign up and use your money to back a bet. Then, when the free bet comes through from the bookies, you repeat the steps, only this time you are laying the bet.

You might be asking yourself, is matched betting legal in the US? Well the answer is, yes, since 2018 (thank you Supreme Court)! You will be able to find an excellent football betting strategy guide online that will help you the right football betting system that works.

You should have no issue finding a bookmaker that will offer you free bets so that you can take advantage of this wonderful (and perfectly legal) loophole. And there are plenty of excellent free matched betting calculators online you can use to identify the best bookmakers for these bets.